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Driveway Asphalt Seal Coating By 10%

Asphalt Sealcoating
Sealcoating will preserve and protect your asphalt from the elements such as sun, rain, heat/expanding, cold/freezing/shrinking. This will also beautify your property increasing the aesthetics of your home, not to mention increasing your property value. Annual Sealcoating is considered normal routine maintenance for most asphalt surfaces, however, if the asphalt has not been properly maintained, it may be necessary to Sealcoat twice or more in a year. We offer very competitive pricing on our Sealcoating services! We use only premium quality "MAC 52" brand asphalt emulsion. We will apply it to the driveway or parking lot and spread by hand with a squeegee. This insures even application without any brush marks. It also fills cracks better than sprayed applications. It is very easy to get signed up for service, simply click here a quote, or call us at 618-946-2000. We will beat any legitimate competitor's price by 10%!

Driveway Sealcoating (See our Guarantee Above)
Our crew will arrive on the specified date and knock on the door to verify that the cars are out. We'll trim the driveway edges to remove any grass that may be hanging over the edges. We'll blow off any and all debris and treat any oil spots with a special primer before applying Sealcoat mix to drive. We'll then apply premium "Mac52" brand asphalt emulsion by hand with squeegees to insure proper coverage without any brush marks or lines(paying careful attention not to stain any other surfaces like siding, concrete or garage doors. Then we'll block off the drive with a thin rope and orange flags to remind anyone not to drive on the driveway for at least 24 hours.

Crack Filling
This can be done to any cracks that you feel need attention. Cost is minimal if it's being done at the same time as normal Sealcoating. It is not always necessary to fill cracks on low traffic areas, but it will increase the aesthetics. We use a special mix of asphalt emulsion with an additive that thickens and increases the flexibility of the material filling the cracks.

Parking Lot
We offer many different options for commercial parking lots. Many need to be done in sections and at different intervals because most places of business can not close the parking lot for all of 24 hours. We offer many options to make Sealcoating as convenient as possible. For example a bank would be done on Saturday afternoon after closing around noon or one. Monday morning the flags would have already been removed and you're open for business. Grocery stores or any other type of business that is open seven days a week would be done in a series. For example half one day and the other half the next. If it's a large parking lot it may take more days depending on the size and needs of your particular parking lot. Please call with any questions.

Pot Hole Repair
We use a dry patch asphalt/epoxy mix to fill any pot holes. We apply mix and tamp it into the hole. Then we'll Sealcoat over the top to coat evenly like the rest of the parking lot.

Parking lot striping can be done with or without Sealcoating. Paint stripes tend to fade away over the years. We can reapply paint over the existing stripes or we can design and install a whole new system of stripes whether we Sealcoat your parking lot or not. Please call or e-mail with any questions.



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