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Leaf Removal
Fall or Spring clean up is available and comes with a normal mowing contract it will be done on a weekly or biweekly basis while we’re there to mow for a minimal cost. Most residential lawns are between $15-$25 extra for leaf removal. When clean up is requested without a seasonal contract minimal charges of $39.50 per man hour will apply.

Stump Removal
Method of removal will vary depending on the age and size of the stump. We can dig them out or grind them up. Prices will vary depending on the size, age and method of removal.

We normally contract pruning Biannually (twice a year) spring and fall. Prices will vary depending on size and quantity of the bushes. This normally includes the lower limbs of trees and shaping all bushes/hedges/shrubs. An average price is $5 per bush. This increases for smaller jobs and drops substantially for higher quantity or smaller bushes. Please call or e-mail for an exact quote.

Retaining Walls
We can offer many solutions for your retaining walls or terraces. We can install any type of concrete block wall that you may need or want. We can also install landscape timber, treated 6x6 walls or Railroad tie walls. [We mostly just remove these and replace them with concrete block walls] There are many pictures available here with a description of the available colors and types. Retaining wall prices will vary depending on the size, type and the work area for installation services to be performed. Please call for an exact quote.

Flower/ Bushes/ Trees
We plant and remove any kind of plants including trees, bushes and flowers. We also can remove any unwanted items. Transplanting is available as well. Please call for an exact quote.

Irrigation System Repair
We do not specialize in this. If you have a major problem please contact whoever installed your system. We have however gained lots of experience in repairing leaky pipes and adjusting sprinkler heads. If we’re already at your property doing some landscaping or performing other services and a problem with an irrigation system needs to be addressed we’ll see if it’s something we can handle.

Decks/ Gazebos
We can install new construction or repair existing structures.

Tree Removal
We can remove or trim most trees. We do our part to protect our environment by recycling most wood in the form of firewood. Brush and other debris is composted.

Mulch Installation
We offer many different kinds of mulch: Single grind Hardwood consists of Large pieces of wood and bark mixed. It’s Light in color and it won’t deteriorate for a couple years. Double ground Hardwood mulch consists of smaller pieces of mostly dark brown hardwood bark. It deteriorates in a year or so and loses it’s dark brown color in a month or so., Triple Ground mulch consists of very small fine pieces. It’s dark brown in color and holds it’s color very well especially with an irrigation system. (Stays darker when wet) Already aged for about three years so it holds it’s color well., Dyed Red This mulch really stands out! It has been colored red to really get some attention. It holds it’s color very well for a year or so but then it starts to fade. Dyed Brown This mulch holds it’s color very well and stays a dark brown all year. Dyed Black This mulch also holds it’s color very well. Any color of the dyed mulch should be freshened up at least once a year. All hardwood mulch should be freshened up twice a year.

We can install many different kinds of sidewalks. We offer Flagstone, concrete, pavers or any other that you would like.

Firewood Seasoned/Split/ Delivered
We can deliver firewood by the pallet, by the truckload or it can be picked up at our North County location for less.

Ponds & Waterfalls
We can design and construct almost any pond or waterfall that you desire.

Bobcat Work
We offer grading and any other services you may need that require the use of a skid steer w/bucket. Please call for exact pricing for your specific project.

We offer many solutions for separating your lawn from your landscapes. We offer concrete paver edgers set in a concrete footing, metal edgers, and many other types of manufactured edgers in addition to many natural stone edgers.

We can install concrete pavers, natural stone (flagstone) or concrete. Please call or e-mail
or exact pricing.

We offer all types of landscaping services. Please call for an exact quote.

Sod Installation
From a whole new lawn to patching in to cover bare spots. We can install sod wherever you may need it.

We offer hauling of unwanted items like scrap metal, yard waste and other debris. Please call or e-mail for exact pricing.



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