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Weekly Mowing
All of our blades are sharpened daily! We trim everything including all of the edges every time! Weekly mowing is preferred by almost everyone that cares what their lawn looks like. We will mow, trim, and blow every seven days like clockwork. (Exceptions may be made on occasions if rain is very heavy) This includes cleaning up large pieces of trash, trimming around all obstacles like trees and landscapes, edging, and blowing off landscapes, porch/patio, drives, walks and house/building window sills and etc.

Excessive trash, toys, or other items in yard that must be moved or removed in order to perform our contracted services may incur additional charges (labor rate is $39.50 per man hour for any services other than what is seasonally contracted.) Weekly mowing can be switched to "Biweekly Mowing"

Biweekly Mowing
Includes the same features as weekly mowing except grass is cut every two weeks. Customers have the option of switching from weekly to Bi-Weekly in summer months when the grass grows slower. Bi-Weekly mowing generally costs more than Weekly mowing because the grass is taller.

Monthly Mowing/Brush Hog Service
We'll come by once a month and cut down the grass/brush/weeds, trim edges and around obstacles, blow off walks and drive. Clippings will remain on top of the grass and will not be removed unless specified in contract. This service is not recommended for any residential property, but is perfect for fields or uninhabited grounds that need to be knocked down once a month.

Fertilizer/Weed Control
We offer specialized programs for every lawn. Most include a minimum of 6 treatments including: crabgrass pre-emergent in the early spring[March], weed control/fertilizer in spring[April], weed control/fertilizer in late spring [May], insecticide in early summer [June/July], fertilizer/weed control in late summer [August/September] winterizer in fall [October]. Other applications may be applied as needed based upon your lawns specific needs. Sometimes spot spraying weeds is necessary and if a lawn fungus is identified several applications of fungicide may be necessary. Prices will vary depending on size of area to be treated. Please call or e-mail with any questions.

Spraying Weeds
This includes spraying Roundup on areas like sidewalk cracks, driveway cracks, parking lot cracks, landscapes and other areas where pesky weeds may appear that are not normally mowed or treated with the lawn fertilizer/weed control treatments.

This is a very common procedure which removes the majority of the dead grass from deep within the lawn. This dead grass is called thatch. It is necessary for a healthy lawn but it becomes problematic when it accumulates. Too much thatch will prevent many of the nutrients in fertilizers from reaching the root structure of the lawn. It can also inhibit the absorption of water by the root structure of the grass. Dethatching can be done anytime of year but it is preferred to be done in the spring. Immediately after is a good time to overseed and apply fertilizer/weed control.

Aeration is simply punching holes all across the entire lawn normally about 8" apart. This will allow for the seed to actually settle into the holes allowing for a much higher germination rate than simply overseeding alone. This can also be done anytime of year but is preferred to be done in the fall. This will allow for the seed to germinate and slowly expand the root structure through the winter for a fuller stronger and healthier lawn next spring. Winterizer should follow soon/immediately after aeration if done in the fall. Starter fertilizer should follow soon after any other time.

Leaf Removal/Fall Cleanup
Leaf removal is included with all mowing contracts for a minimal additional charge. (Most residential lawns are $10-$25 extra per week, depending on the amount of leaves and location) We continue mowing through November and remove leaves from landscapes and other areas by mulching them into the lawn. Fall Cleanup/Leaf Removal is available without a mowing contract and usually averages $100-$200 for an average size residential lawn.

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